Wardroom Club Decorum

Members of the Wardroom Club are officers and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. As former club president Alexander Moffat said when referring to the Wardroom Club in his book A Navy Maverick Comes of Age, "Every man is his own barkeep here." So, the tradition continues with each member being responsible for recognizing individual limits.

Proper attire for Wardroom Club functions includes a jacket and tie, whether civilian or military clothing is worn. We prefer that members wear the Club tie to meetings, as a gesture of comradeship.

The practice of calling upon members to tell stories after dinner is a traditional and enjoyable feature of Wardroom Club meetings. While there is a reluctance to curb the ardor and wit of The Club's orators and raconteurs, it must be asked that they use discretion and good taste in order not to offend the sensitivities of fellow members.