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Nominations for Membership (revised November 2018)

The classes of membership and the requirements are described in Article V and Article VI respectively of the Wardroom Club By-Laws. (Please review these Articles before nominating a candidate.)

Eligible individuals may be nominated for membership by any member in good standing. The process to nominate someone is described in Article VI, Section 1, of the By-Laws: Procedure for election and resignation of members. A candidate for Regular or Associate Membership may be nominated in writing by one (1) Wardroom Club member in good standing (dues paid) and is required to put forth, per each nomination, a prospective member who meets all the prescribed eligibility requirements required for nomination and assuring the Board of Governors of the nominee's compatibility with Club values and standards of comportment.

The letter of nomination addressed to the Vice President shall include the full name, address, telephone number and age of the candidate, a statement of his/her Sea Services background including highest rank attained, current business or professional activities, an evaluation of his/her character and any further information that may be helpful to the Board in determining the desirability of the candidate for membership. All candidates for Regular or Associate membership must have attended at least two regular meetings of The Club as a guest of a member prior to the end of the March meeting. They must be personally known to a majority of the Board. A brief background history of nominees will be published in the Wardroom Club Newsletter on the month of their approval vote, which will be in May of each season.

To become a sponsor for a new member, you have the option to either complete and submit the Contact Form, located on the Home Page of this Website, to be forwarded to the Vice President of the Wardroom Club to obtain more information, or, you can directly contact the Vice President at the contact information located in the newsletter or on the annual season information card. You will then be contacted with instructions on how to proceed. You should also download the PDF new member information/application form from the website to send to your applicant to begin the process. (To access the form, click here.)

The deadline for new member nominations is the March Meeting each year. Nominations received after that date will be deferred to the following year's class.

Sponsors should advise their candidates to plan to attend the special reception for prospective members to meet with the Board of Governors, at a date prior to the May meeting. The membership will vote on the new members during the May business meeting. The new members will be required to remit payment of the new membership fee and their dues for the current year upon their election to membership.